Monday, June 25, 2007

CLOCK'S SONG (Tokei no Shita ni Yuutsu wo Hanashimasu)

Tick tock tick tock, sang the clock

On his lovely den, the wooden block

I, the eternal hermit

Sat peacefully, rhyming with his echo

……….an innocent obedience

Tick tock tick tock, the clock wouldn’t stop

As if time an endless drop

Dripping calmly, away from me

Leaving no traces, even a spot

Tick tock tick tock, now hymn the clock

You, said him, the eternal hermit

Whining hopelessly, strolling

Following me as if The Fool had enchanted you

Yet The Fool has no power against you

You decided to go with him

Across the path of vague doom, you walked through

Dropping dignities, escaping realities

Arrived in my place, ashamed of yourself

Tick tock tick tock, the clock swayed

I see your moment has ended

And I, the eternal hermit

Lost in past time faults

Shall recite

My incarnation

The guardian of space continuum

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